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Best Workout for Weight Loss & How To Burn More Calories In Yoga

During my work as a private weight loss coach for women, I am frequently consulted for my take on the latest fitness trends. I want everyone to have access to the best data that will help them accomplish their goals. From mental tricks to breakdowns of how to work out like the top celebs, check out my most recent articles below!

Have you been out of the gym for a while?

Struggling with working out on a consistent basis? Don’t beat yourself up over it, it happens to all of us! Check out this article from NBC where I highlight six mental “tricks” you can employ to get back in the exercise habit.

Click here for those 6 tricks!

Slide Into A New Move

I gave my input on these sliding hamstring curls that Blake Lively’s trainer uses to sculpt and strengthen client’s lower bodies.

Check it out here to learn how to execute the move safely and with correct form. (Bonus! It totally works your core at the same time!)

Or if that move seems a little too intense right now, try out this low-impact, at-home cardio circuit that Octavia Spencer is currently using to stay healthy.

Hiit up that cardio here.

Yoga? I’m down, dog!

Do you totally love all things yoga, but worry that it isn’t enough of a workout to help you reach your fitness goals? I’ve got good news! I wrote two articles for Today , the first outlines a few sneaky ways you can kick your flow up a notch and burn extra calories! The second gives five hacks for squeezing movement into your otherwise busy schedule.

Click here for Yoga. I recommend yoga to all my clients and even include a yoga workout on my Step It Up With Steph DVD.

Click here for easy ways to move every single day!

Fitness & Physical Intimacy

Being consistent in the gym can lead to reduced stress which, in turn, can lead to being more consistent in the bedroom. Natural Awakenings put together a whole piece on the effects of fitness on both male and female libidos.

Check out my contribution to that article here.


As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.


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The best yoga mats and accessories to stretch your abilities (as seen on Today.com)

steph- The best yoga mats and accessories to stretch your abilities

Yoga has tremendous health and wellness benefits. Not only does it have the physical benefits of increased flexibility, strengthening, and toning, it also strengthens your cardiovascular and circulatory system. In addition to physical benefits, developing a yoga practice will also help you improve your mental sharpness and emotional wellbeing.

As a weight loss coach, I often suggest that the women in my weight loss programs for women incorporate yoga into their healthy lifestyle. While you may believe high-intensity workouts are the only way or best way to burn fat and lose weight, yoga may actually be the activity that helps you reduce emotional eating, reduce stress on your adrenals, and balance your metabolism.

If you’re going to practice yoga, why not have the best yoga mats and accessories available? In a recent article for Today.com, I shared some must-have yoga gear and clothing that will help you feel as prepared and inspired as an experienced yogi.

You can read the article here: The best yoga mats and accessories to stretch your abilities

Whether you’re a novice or old pro, practicing yoga at home or in a studio, you’ll find the best yoga mat, yoga mat carriers, yoga mat cleaner, yoga towel, yoga pants, sports bra, and more.

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