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Household Items to Intensify Your Workout (As seen in the Chicago Sun Times)

Just because you don’t have a medicine ball doesn’t mean you aren’t able to get the benefits from adding weights into your workout! 


When it comes to working out, I always tell my private weight loss clients to be resourceful. A weight such as a medicine ball can be substituted for common household items you already have. This helps to cut down on storage for gym equipment as well as save a little money. Surprisingly, one of the best substitutions for a medicine ball is in your refrigerator… a gallon of milk! A gallon of milk can be a fantastic substitution because it’s got a similar weight as well as a similar size. If you don’t have enough milk left, another substitution to try is a bottle of laundry detergent. 

To see the full list of workouts to do with a medicine ball or a household substitute from The Chicago Sun Times, click here. 



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