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How to Get Fitness Inspiration on Social Media & Fitness Celebrities on Instagram (As Seen on The Jam)

Most of us enjoy scrolling through Instagram in our spare time, and you can find a lot of high quality fitness inspiration if you are following the right accounts. Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour appeared on the Jam to discuss how best to use social media for inspiration and a few celebrities she recommends you give a follow!

Instagram can be a great place to learn new recipes. I’m sure you’ve seen your share of incredible looking meals while scrolling through! Two of my favorites to follow for foodie  inspiration: @chrissyteigen and @kristincavallari.


Chrissy Teigen is on her 2nd cookbook, Cravings: Hungry for More , and what I like about this book is it’s healthy, but not super healthy. It really is about making and enjoying the foods that you crave, lightened up a little, but still with all the delicious! I am always reminding my private weight loss clients that a key to success is: don’t deprive yourself. If you crave something figure out a way to eat it while still moving towards your fitness goals.

Kristin’s cookbook is called, True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen with More Than 100 Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar and it is, as the title suggests, pretty dang healthy! If your New Year’s Resolutions include ditching sugar or going gluten or dairy free this could be a really wise investment for you!

If you’re looking for healthy recipes to try this year and would appreciate some of the guesswork taken out, check out my 7-Day Easy Meal Plan + Recipe Book. It features anti-inflammatory recipes and even has a shopping list for your convenience.

Workout Motivation

Here are a few of my favorite big name celebrities to follow for fitness inspiration:

  1. Octavia Spencer– she posts a lot of videos of the exercise circuits she completes with her personal trainer, and even works out while on set! Talk about inspiring, right? If she can do it, you can do it! You can follow her @octaviaspencer.
  2. Jessica Biel– What I love about the videos Jessica posts is that she tries really challenging stuff and celebrates after she nails an exercise she’s been building up to. It’s so important to both challenge yourself while celebrating your achievements and strength gains along the way! Follow her for more @jessicabiel.
  3. The Rock– He is a powerhouse, am I right?? What’s really inspiring about watching his workout videos is he’s very into high intensity interval training which is one of the most popular fitness trends of 2019 and has been for several years past! With HIIT you really are pushing yourself to your limits, going for that last rep, or your last breath, super challenging stuff! His epic IG is @TheRock.
  4. Hugh Jackman– Most celebs have personal trainers, and what I like about Hugh’s Instagram is he actually shows himself working out with his trainer! If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level this year, consider hiring a personal trainer to help you succeed. I love being a private weight loss coach and working with women to achieve their health goals. Follow @TheHughJackman to see more of his impressive workout sessions.

For even more inspiration you can check out my Instagram @stepitupwithsteph
where I share motivational quotes, occasional recipes, and even host giveaways!

See you on social media!

As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.


If you’re looking for a life coach, a wellness coach, or a confidence coach in Chicago and beyond, you’ve come to the right place! As a certified personal trainer for women, Yoga Instructor in Chicago, Pilates Instructor in Chicagoland, and certified professional life coach in Chicago, I work with successful women across the country as a private weight loss coach for women.


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Five Ways to Trick Yourself Out of Bed and Into Your Workout Routine (As Seen On Fox 32)

Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Fox 32 to deliver her top five tips for motivating yourself to workout first thing in the morning. Find out how easy it is to trick  yourself into working out even if all you want to do is pull the covers over your head and hit that snooze button again!

Do you struggle with finding momentum to get moving in the morning? You’re not alone! My private weight loss clients  are smart and highly successful women, but even they struggle in the morning saying, “I know I should be working out in the morning, but it’s just so difficult to leave my bed!”

With these five simple tweaks to your morning routine, you’ll be rolling out of dreamland and running full speed ahead toward your fitness goals! And the best part? They won’t cost you a thing!  So what are these hacks that anyone can do?

1. Alarm Clock Anthem

Is your alarm currently set to one of the basic ringtones available on your phone? Time to change that tired noise up! Choose one of your favorite songs to wake up to, that way the first thing you hear is something you love and it will excite you to get up and get going!

2. Smell Your Way Out of Bed

Now that your ears have perked up let’s get another sense recruited: your sense of smell! Do you have a favorite scent? Keep a bottle of essential oil, a diffuser, or even perfume on your bedside table and spray a little into the air upon waking. I like an energizing citrus scent such as orange or grapefruit, but eucalyptus is also very invigorating!

3. Light It Up

Sensing a bit of a pattern? We’re going to engage a third sense here. Time to blink your way into a new day! If you have drapes, leave them open at night so the sunlight floods your room in the morning. If you are waking up before the sun, or just don’t get a lot of natural sunlight in your bedroom–flip a switch!

4. Let Go of Expectations

A lot of times you might be worried or even dreading a workout wondering how you’re going to make it through those thirty or forty minutes, and just simply let those thoughts GO! Don’t psych yourself out, just focus on the steps of getting yourself out of bed, dressed in your workout clothes, to the gym, or popping in your Step It Up with Steph DVD. Stay in the moment!

5. One-Word Visualization

This is my favorite tip and I bet it will be yours too once you start employing it! Using a one word mantra is very powerful and affirming, you can even choose a new one every single day if you want. Words like “accomplish” or “proud” or “strong”, any word that best encapsulates how you want to feel or what you want your day to look like. Pick one and give it a try!

Engage your senses, get moving, and make your dreams a reality!

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As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.

If you’re looking for a life coach, a wellness coach, or a confidence coach in Chicago and beyond, you’ve come to the right place! As a certified personal trainer for women, Yoga Instructor in Chicago, Pilates Instructor in Chicagoland, and certified professional life coach in Chicago, I work with successful women across the country as a private weight loss coach for women.

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The Five Easiest Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out

Let’s face it, many of us just don’t feel motivated to work out. There’s always something better that comes up, an event we’d rather go to, the fatigue that sets in after a long day at work, or the fact that we just don’t feel like it.

So, what should you do when you’re running low on motivation? Here are the FIVE easiest ways to get motivated to work out:

1. Make a checklist and make sure that you know your goals.

– Map out your goals and make a checklist so that you can track your progress.

– Are you aiming for 4 times per week? Then mark the days on your calendar the week prior and include your workout time as a concrete, planned part of your daily life.

2. Set realistic goals for yourself.

– Many times we fail at achieving our goals because they are unrealistic. Make sure you set realistic goals so that you can achieve them in a realistic way.

– For example, if you haven’t been to the gym in a year, it is unrealistic to commit to going five days a week for an hour.

– Instead, ease back in to working out so that it becomes a natural part of your life, instead of an “all or nothing” event.

3. Get a workout buddy or accountability partner.

– Motivate each other to stick to your goals and get off the couch, even though it would be much easier just to stay there.

– Knowing that someone else is counting on you for motivation is a sure way to stay on track, keep your word, and meet them at the gym.

– If you can’t find an actual workout buddy, get an accountability partner: a friend or someone who checks in to make sure you are staying on track with your fitness goals and workout times.

4. View working out as stress RELEASE, not a stressful part of your day.

– Try viewing going to the gym as a stress RELEASE. (You know how great you feel afterward.)

– Working out as been proven to release feel-good endorphins that leave you in a happier and more energetic mood afterward, regardless of how you felt before working out.

5. Grab a book or a magazine and go slower than usual.

– Physically not feeling like working out? Are you really tired or just worn out? Feel like you have a little bit left in you, but not enough for a “great” workout? Just because you can’t pump iron full force doesn’t mean you should skip your workout.

– Instead, grab a book or a magazine and head to the gym. Do some cardio, more slowly than usual, and start reading. You will get yourself into the habit of going to the gym, moving your body, and carving out that “me” time. Try not to judge your workout and just work with your body and how it’s feeling that day.

By making working out more fun and viewing it as a commitment to yourself, you will be more likely to not only hit the gym, but also make this a sustainable and maintainable part of your everyday life.

Need more of a motivational boost? Women everywhere use my 30 Day Workbook to Step It Up mentally. You can too.

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Skipping Workouts: Holiday Excuses, or Reasons?

Today’s post is inspired by a fab new book I am reading, “How Sweaty Mamas”. This book talks about anything and everything that may get in the way of moms working out (in fact, it’s very similar to my 30 Day Workbook in that it helps to get to the crux of the issue.)

We all KNOW that working out and being healthy are good things for us to do, and a lot of us even know how we could achieve our goals. But what’s lacking is the “motivation”…I put “motivation” in quotes because I don’t really believe we are lacking the motivation. Instead, what we are lacking is the personal value and priority we place on doing good things for ourselves – perhaps because we don’t like our bodies, or perhaps because we place children or events before ourselves. I really like this excerpt from the book, which talks about the difference between excuses and reasons:

As for good reasons to miss a workout, those are always clear and definitive; they are often out of your control and don’t require any convincing on your part. You have a fever; your child vomited in the back seat on the way to the gym; your boss asked you to stay late to finish a project. You might have access to a Plan B workout option, but if you don’t, no need to feel guilt. This is especially important for those who tend to err on the side of exercising at all costs; who don’t always recognize a good reason to skip a workout when they should.”

I always work to instill in my clients the difference between being “too tired” and being “too lazy/full of excuses”. What do you think? And with the holidays coming up, can you foresee any good reasons or excuses for skipping workouts? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you’re interested in my 30 Day Workbook to keep you mentally strong with your workouts and healthy eating this holiday season, I’ve added 30 new videos to the workbook! I’m coaching you day by day via video AND through the workbook, so check it out:

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