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The Five Easiest Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out

Let’s face it, many of us just don’t feel motivated to work out. There’s always something better that comes up, an event we’d rather go to, the fatigue that sets in after a long day at work, or the fact that we just don’t feel like it.

So, what should you do when you’re running low on motivation? Here are the FIVE easiest ways to get motivated to work out:

1. Make a checklist and make sure that you know your goals.

– Map out your goals and make a checklist so that you can track your progress.

– Are you aiming for 4 times per week? Then mark the days on your calendar the week prior and include your workout time as a concrete, planned part of your daily life.

2. Set realistic goals for yourself.

– Many times we fail at achieving our goals because they are unrealistic. Make sure you set realistic goals so that you can achieve them in a realistic way.

– For example, if you haven’t been to the gym in a year, it is unrealistic to commit to going five days a week for an hour.

– Instead, ease back in to working out so that it becomes a natural part of your life, instead of an “all or nothing” event.

3. Get a workout buddy or accountability partner.

– Motivate each other to stick to your goals and get off the couch, even though it would be much easier just to stay there.

– Knowing that someone else is counting on you for motivation is a sure way to stay on track, keep your word, and meet them at the gym.

– If you can’t find an actual workout buddy, get an accountability partner: a friend or someone who checks in to make sure you are staying on track with your fitness goals and workout times.

4. View working out as stress RELEASE, not a stressful part of your day.

– Try viewing going to the gym as a stress RELEASE. (You know how great you feel afterward.)

– Working out as been proven to release feel-good endorphins that leave you in a happier and more energetic mood afterward, regardless of how you felt before working out.

5. Grab a book or a magazine and go slower than usual.

– Physically not feeling like working out? Are you really tired or just worn out? Feel like you have a little bit left in you, but not enough for a “great” workout? Just because you can’t pump iron full force doesn’t mean you should skip your workout.

– Instead, grab a book or a magazine and head to the gym. Do some cardio, more slowly than usual, and start reading. You will get yourself into the habit of going to the gym, moving your body, and carving out that “me” time. Try not to judge your workout and just work with your body and how it’s feeling that day.

By making working out more fun and viewing it as a commitment to yourself, you will be more likely to not only hit the gym, but also make this a sustainable and maintainable part of your everyday life.

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Take Advantage of the Heat in Your Yoga Practice

With the temperatures so high, it’s easy to feel lethargic and like you don’t want to do your regular practice. However, try opening up tight areas by utilizing the heat to go deeper into your postures:

– Twists are a great thing to do when it’s hot out. You’ll be able to more deeply “wring” out your internal organs and loosen up your spine. The heat makes your muscles more flexible.

– Go deeper into your forward folds. The heat will help tight low back muscles and hamstrings loosen up, so you can feel sensations you may not feel in the winter.

– Open up your chest and sides of your waist slowly, and hold the poses here a little longer to really get into the smaller muscles and origin and insertion points of the muscles.

Looking for mental tricks to Step It Up? My 30 Day Workbook can help!

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How To Stick to Your Summer Workout Plan

People everywhere are stripping down to their bikinis – but I know some people who are too embarrassed or feel too self-conscious to “reveal” themselves at the beach or pool. And this saddens me!

A lot of people think that women with “nice” bodies don’t work hard at the gym or are just “naturally thin,” and while sometimes this is true, often times it is really about the state of mind of these fit, in-shape women.

Remember Marissa’s attitude about her weight loss goal? I talk about it in the interview below:

Not once did she focus on negativity or bad things about her body. Instead, she focused on the end goal and had a no-nonsense attitude about getting the body she wanted. Furthermore, her workouts and healthy eating were marked in her calendar and were non-negotiable, while she worked full time and maintained a normal social life.

Similarly, this is the type of attitude and mindset that is imperative to get in shape and stay in shape. If you’re going to stick to a workout plan this summer, you must be mentally prepared to do so. I cannot emphasize this enough!

Leave a comment below, email me, or check out my 30 Day Workbook or One Day Intensive to get in the mental state to once and for all get in shape and STAY in shape this summer.

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"I Just Had the Most Amazing Day with Stephanie!"

Last weekend I had the honor of working with a client for a One Day Intensive. One Day Intensives are held in my home and include 3 months of continued coaching! Here’s what my client had to say:

I love One Day Intensives with clients because they really allow us time to dig deep to fundamental beliefs and self-sabotaging techniques that you may have been using your whole life to prevent you from sticking to a workout or eating plan. We also get to dive into what makes you tick, create the COOLEST playlist ever, and take videos of your workout and yoga session so that you have a plan to do on your own once we’re done!

Oh, and did I mention the 3 months of follow up coaching? I love this program!

Why You’re Wasting Time at the Gym

Newsflash: You may be wasting your time at the gym! And who has time to waste? Below are a few signs that you’re wasting time at the gym:

– You’ve been doing the same routine since Jan. 1st and haven’t seen any results.

– You’re gym time is cutting in to your other commitments, and you hate it.

– You still feel like going to the gym is a drag and a burden, and just can’t wait for it to be over.

Those are just a few ways to know if you’re wasting your time. And here are some ways to QUIT wasting your time, and get excited to work out:

– Intersperse cardio with weights! Do circuit and interval training. Do NOT stay on the elyptical for 30 minutes at the same pace! You need to build muscle in order to burn fat while you’re sleeping – focus more on getting an all around good workout and becoming out of breath rather than focusing on the calories on the machine.

– Look at yourself in the mirror while working out, and say positive affirmations to yourself, such as, “UGH! My arms look AWESOME!” or “My body is working so efficiently right now!”

– Make sure you have a playlist that you LOVE – for my Diamond and One Day clients, I custom create a playlist for them. We integrate their own positive affirmations, and then their favorite song comes on right after! Contact me if you want more info on this!

– Spice it up – seek out a trainer, coach, or a new workout plan if you are bored at the gym. Change is good, so Step It Up!


New Year’s Resolutions’ Solutions

Yes, you read that right! I’ve got solutions to your resolutions – here’s how to fool-proof your NY Res this year:

  • Set a clear and sustainable goal! If you haven’t worked out in 5 years, don’t think that you’re going to hit the gym 5 days, every single day of the week! If this is the case, you should look into getting a trainer or an accountability partner. Do not set yourself up for defeat by aiming too high when it comes to working out. You want to ease into a habit, so clearly state your goal and make sure it is sustainable!
  • Keep track daily of how you are doing with your goal. Keep a checklist, spreadsheet, or even check in on Facebook! Announce your goal on social media and watch the support and accountability flood in. Notice what’s working, and what’s not, and don’t be afraid to tweak what you’re doing to reach your goal.
  • Get a success group! Whether it’s a family member, an online community, or even just a success journal, keep track of your successes daily. Share your progress and your triumphs (only positives!!) with this group or journal

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How to Fit In a Workout on Christmas

Working out on Christmas Eve and Christmas is a total mental game. In fact, I’m challenging you to mentally Step It Up with these tips to get your head in gear for a workout:

  • Lay out your workout clothes next to your closet. Workout first thing in the morning and plant the seed the night before that yes, you will be working out, and that’s why our workout clothes are out.
  • Make it quick. If you have time for an hour at the gym, awesome! If not, make this a quick workout. The Christmas Eve and Christmas Day workouts are all about establishing a HABIT and getting your brain used to the ease of taking a break to work out.
  • Bring a family member! Add someone different to your routine and help make working out more fun. Do the same things at the gym, or do something totally different, or play football on the wii. Anything you can do with someone else that is active counts as exercise!

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Post-Thanksgiving Detox Tips!

Whether you ended up over-eating yesterday or if you’re just looking to get back to normal, here are some detox tips:

  • Do some yoga twists: Twists wring out your internal organs and improve digestion. Sitting, standing, or lying down, gently twist to one side and breathe. It’s almost like a massage to your internal organs! Then slowly switch sides.
  • Drink tons and tons of water: Water is very cleansing. By lubricating your body, you’ll allow not only your digestive system to work more effectively but you’ll also bring more energy and mobility to your muscles and joints.
  • Sweat it out: Hit the gym or your living room. Break a sweat by doing interval cardio on a cardio machine at the gym, or by running in place or dancing around to your favorite song in your living room. Literally, sweat out the toxins!

What’s your favorite detox activity, food, or drink? Let us know in the comments below!


Skipping Workouts: Holiday Excuses, or Reasons?

Today’s post is inspired by a fab new book I am reading, “How Sweaty Mamas”. This book talks about anything and everything that may get in the way of moms working out (in fact, it’s very similar to my 30 Day Workbook in that it helps to get to the crux of the issue.)

We all KNOW that working out and being healthy are good things for us to do, and a lot of us even know how we could achieve our goals. But what’s lacking is the “motivation”…I put “motivation” in quotes because I don’t really believe we are lacking the motivation. Instead, what we are lacking is the personal value and priority we place on doing good things for ourselves – perhaps because we don’t like our bodies, or perhaps because we place children or events before ourselves. I really like this excerpt from the book, which talks about the difference between excuses and reasons:

As for good reasons to miss a workout, those are always clear and definitive; they are often out of your control and don’t require any convincing on your part. You have a fever; your child vomited in the back seat on the way to the gym; your boss asked you to stay late to finish a project. You might have access to a Plan B workout option, but if you don’t, no need to feel guilt. This is especially important for those who tend to err on the side of exercising at all costs; who don’t always recognize a good reason to skip a workout when they should.”

I always work to instill in my clients the difference between being “too tired” and being “too lazy/full of excuses”. What do you think? And with the holidays coming up, can you foresee any good reasons or excuses for skipping workouts? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you’re interested in my 30 Day Workbook to keep you mentally strong with your workouts and healthy eating this holiday season, I’ve added 30 new videos to the workbook! I’m coaching you day by day via video AND through the workbook, so check it out:

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