Taking It To the…Escalators

Do the escalators count as a form of exercise? Do you normally just stand there and ride up/down, or do you climb up two steps at a time and then jog down? Find out what random Chicagoans have to say about escalators and exercise!

20 thoughts on “Taking It To the…Escalators

  1. Hey Steph, I thought I would share my personal escalator options.

    A. I always choose stairs over escalator (even if my friends take the escalator, I’m taking the stairs…perfect example of this is when i go to river east movie theater).
    B. if I am alone and there are no stairs, I walk up escalator.
    C. if I am with friends and there are no stairs and we’re forced to take the escalator, I do whatever they do, though I might encourage climbing.

    Ok, that’s all….perhaps it’s too much, but I just thought I would share my ascending habits with you. I might as well get a lil workout in my everyday life right?!

  2. Oh my gosh I know exactly how you feel! Ever since I had my son I have come to reziale how absolutely unnecessary it is to use the elevator when there is an escalator ten feet away! So many frustrating moments having to push a stroller between 8 able bodied, lazy people or even worse, having to wait for the elevator to go and come back because there is not enough room even though you were the first one there waiting! I can’t stand the inconsideration! And you know to all those able bodied, lazy people, YOU are the annoyance for coming in with a big stroller and taking up everyone’s room.

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