The Best Warm Up Stretches for Runners and Cool Down Stretches for Runners (As Seen on NBC News Better)

Every runner is aware that they need to be doing stretches before and after their run, but many runners don’t know what type of stretches they need to be doing! These 2 workout sequences I designed help to prime your muscles and recover more quickly! 

When you warm up, it’s essential to do dynamic stretches that help to prevent injury. These stretches are done fluidly without a pause to help prepare your muscles for movement. Static stretches on the other hand, the stretches you should do to cool down, are held in order broaden your range of motion. Many runners are aware of this but aren’t aware of how long to do each type of stretch or which stresses are more effective, which is why I designed a warm up and a cool down sequence. These sequences are perfect for runners because they focus on the muscles you’ll use while you run! 

If you’re interested in the warm up and cool down sequences I designed for NBC News Better, click here! 



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