The Best Ways To Make Your Morning Healthier (As seen on the today show)

If you’re like many of my private weight loss clients, mornings are a hectic time. Whether you’re trying to get your kids to school on time or make an 8 am meeting, it’s safe to say mornings are a difficult time for everyone to add a little health and wellness to.

Even though mornings can make you feel like you’re rushing through everything, there are little ways you can incorporate a healthy lifestyle. One of my favorite ways that I’ve shared with my private weight loss clients is to stretch and mediate before you get out of bed. Taking the time to help your muscles wake up and think intentionally can help you set the path for the entire day ahead of you! Even if you only do this for a minute, it’s one extra minute of self-care that you’re able to add into your day. For the full list of tips that I shared with the Today Show, click here.



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