Tips for Healthy Eating On the Go & Healthy eating ON Vacation

Whether you’re on a road trip or heading to the airport, that can be your first step in making health conscious decisions:

Gas Station/Fast Food Stops:
Look for protein: you’re like a lion looking for its prey. Encourage kids to look for nuts, trail mix, or dried fruit. If you can, get a piece of fruit. You can also check out these brand new fruit bars from Kind Snacks, called “Pressed”. They have two servings of fruit per bar, and contain 5 ingredients or less. Always make sure you can see and pronounce the ingredients, especially for grab and go snacks!

At a fast food stop, let kids get fries but also get a side of fruit or a fruit cup for them for “Dessert”. At fast food restaurants, opt for chicken as it’s typically the leanest of the meats. For yourself, look for hard boiled eggs at gas stations, and even pre-made protein drinks. Don’t go for just the candy. And if you’re looking for some crunch, get healthier chips. PopChips has a ton of new flavors and they contain half the fat of regular potato chips! I love the single serving bags to help with portion control.

Eat the colors in the rainbow. Avoid the white, creamy dressings, potato salads, and nutrition-less condiments. Load up on veggies you may not normally eat, such as beets, bean sprouts, etc. Encourage your kids to try out new foods on the buffet using this rule, too. Don’t load up on the pasta salad. Instead, pack on extra vegetables to your salad. I brought in this salad from Doc B’s in Chicago to show you how beautiful a salad can look!

Fancy Restaurant:
Add in an extra vegetable. If you’re ordering fish, steak, or chicken, swap out the potatoes (mashed, sweet, or fries) for an extra vegetable. Encourage your kids to eat more vegetables too by ordering a salad to share with the family as an appetizer instead of your typical “bar food” appetizers. Don’t do the bread basket.

Coffee Shops:
Stay away from flavored syrups and order as basic as possible. Coffee with almond milk, allow kids to get a frappuccino but with no whip so that they can enjoy how the frap tastes without watering it down with the whip.

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