TODAY SHOW: Which is the better resolution?

New article for Today Show by Stephanie Mansour! If you’re looking for a weight loss program that works, you’ve come to the right place. Stephanie is a personal weight loss coach for women and offers top rated weight loss programs for women! Stephanie also offers diet related advice, like how to stop stress eating and how to stop emotional eating.

There are so many health related resolutions out there and so many ways to go about them! Whether your goal is to lose weight or eat healthier, there are so many ways to get lost in the rubble and lose sight of your resolution.

I’m here to help you decipher which resolutions are better, and how to go about them! I’ve compiled a list of popular resolutions, accessed which ones are better with help from dietitians like Robyn Johnson, Mary Ellen Phipps, Whitney English, and Deanna Wolfe, and offered advice on how to achieve them. Wondering if you should eliminate sugar or eliminate caffeine? Curious as to whether cardio or strength training is right for you?

For the answers to these questions that I shared with Today Show, click here.



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