Why You’re Wasting Time at the Gym

Newsflash: You may be wasting your time at the gym! And who has time to waste? Below are a few signs that you’re wasting time at the gym:

– You’ve been doing the same routine since Jan. 1st and haven’t seen any results.

– You’re gym time is cutting in to your other commitments, and you hate it.

– You still feel like going to the gym is a drag and a burden, and just can’t wait for it to be over.

Those are just a few ways to know if you’re wasting your time. And here are some ways to QUIT wasting your time, and get excited to work out:

– Intersperse cardio with weights! Do circuit and interval training. Do NOT stay on the elyptical for 30 minutes at the same pace! You need to build muscle in order to burn fat while you’re sleeping – focus more on getting an all around good workout and becoming out of breath rather than focusing on the calories on the machine.

– Look at yourself in the mirror while working out, and say positive affirmations to yourself, such as, “UGH! My arms look AWESOME!” or “My body is working so efficiently right now!”

– Make sure you have a playlist that you LOVE – for my Diamond and One Day clients, I custom create a playlist for them. We integrate their own positive affirmations, and then their favorite song comes on right after! Contact me if you want more info on this!

– Spice it up – seek out a trainer, coach, or a new workout plan if you are bored at the gym. Change is good, so Step It Up!


3 thoughts on “Why You’re Wasting Time at the Gym

  1. Just got back from a kick-butt QUICK interval workout and loved seeing these tips! A playlist is just the ticket. What a great idea to add the affirmations!!

  2. I like your playlist and affirmations ideas. I don’t normally use a playlist though, but I know they are not only important for some but help them focus.
    I feel that your gym time starts at home. What you eat and when. You get out of your work out what you put into it. A gym can’t fix what you break eating the wrong foods.

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