How Water Helps with Weightloss

We’ve all heard about the importance of drinking enough H2O, but did you know that drinking water actually helps you lose weight, and if you do NOT drink enough water, you are causing your body to hold onto unhealthy fat? Yuck!

So how does water help you lose weight? And how much water should you be drinking everyday?

You should be drinking half of your body weight, in ounces. So if you weigh 150lbs, you should be drinking at least 75 oz. of water.

If you’re chronically dehydrated, research shows that you could have an up to 8lb weight gain each year! How so? Water increases your metabolism – Every time you break a sweat, signals are sent around your body telling it to increase its metabolism, telling it to free up energy from specific sources within your body. The signals won’t boost your metabolic processes very much, but they will boost it just enough so that if you were to break a bigger sweat, for a longer time, everyday of the week, then the difference will be much more noticeable.

This is why interval and circuit training while you are properly hydrated is so important – breaking into a sweat and turning it into an even bigger sweat will boost your metabolism, which helps you lose weight.

Therefore, your activity levels and intensities at which you’re exercising will dictate the rate of your metabolism. Stored body fat is an energy source, so the more you increases your metabolism, the more stored body fat will be used up even while you’re resting.

When your body is properly hydrated, it is able to process and signal without delay, causing your metabolism to speed up and causing you to lose more weight, more quickly.

How much water do you drink per day? Leave a comment below or share with your friends – encourage everyone to raise more glasses!


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4 thoughts on “How Water Helps with Weightloss

  1. hmm not sure how much i drink. i’m on my 2nd glass of the day…i’ll probably have another 3? which doesn’t sound like enough…gotta go drink some more. cheers!

  2. Before I learned more about nutrition, I thought I was the weird one since I have always needed at least 64 ounces a day. Now I know my body was just being persistent about what it needed to function well! I won’t even share how much I drank while pregnant or nursing! Great first post, Steph!

  3. I’d say at least 6 glasses Jen – way to go!!! And Karen – it’s true. I feel like my body is so persistent as well – but that’s the beauty of it. We’ll always hear what we need, as long as we are willing and open to listen! 🙂

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