Weight Loss Coach for Women: Eat Fat to Get Skinny

Up next, our Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here to share with us why we need to eat more fat…to lose weight!

That’s right, as Chicago’s top weight loss coach for women, I’m telling you to eat more fat to get skinny.

And I’m using the term “skinny” very loosely here. It’s just a little catchier to say “eat fat to get skinny” but really I mean we need to eat fat in order to get stronger, healthier, and lose weight.

The body needs healthy fats in order to help reduce cravings, create glowing skin and hair, among other things. Here are some easy ways to incorporate fats into your diet:

Cooking oils
Healthy fish

Add these foods into your daily diet (except aim for at least 2 times per week of fish), and you’ll be fending off cravings and on the road to weight loss in no time!

Stephanie Mansour is Chicago’s best life coach and Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women. Steph is a corporate wellness speaker and a health and fitness expert in Chicago. Steph is a health and fitness on-air correspondent and coaches women in Chicago on how to lose weight fast and maintain weight loss.

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