Weight Loss Consultant and Health & Fitness Expert Has Tips for Reducing Injuries in a HIIT Workout

Weight Loss Consultant and Health & Fitness Expert Has Tips for Reducing Injuries in a HIIT Workout

We’ve all been there. You’re in HIIT class, you push off for a jump and when you land you feel a sharp pain. As a fitness trainer in Chicago, I can tell you that this is a struggle many women go through. But don’t worry, there are ways to avoid knee and joint pain during workouts! 

One of the best pieces of advice that I always make sure to share with my personal weight loss clients is to make sure that they’re landing properly. Landing improperly can lead to severe pain, and even worse, muscle damage. When you jump up, make sure you’re landing with your knees slightly bent. This helps to absorb some of the shock from your muscles when landing. 

Another key aspect in eliminating joint and knee pain from a jump during a workout is to remember that your jump doesn’t have to be high! During workouts, you can even replace the jumps all together by reaching as high as you can while you’re on your tip toes. As a fitness consultant, I’ve learned that this is sometimes better than a traditional jump for the woman who’s just getting back into fitness! 

Check out this article I wrote for NBC Better right HERE called How to Reduce Knee and Joint Pain During a HIIT Class!



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