Weight Loss Help: Personal Training for Women vs. Men

Chicago weight loss coach for women Stephanie Mansour helps women lose weight fast and make it last.

Equinox’s best personal trainer Dennis Rittenhouse joins Steph to talk about the difference he sees in his female clients compared to his male clients:

Do you feel too “manly” in your workouts? Or do you wonder why certain exercises make you bulky instead of toned?

Up next in our “Step It Up with Steph” web series is my interview with personal trainer Dennis Rittenhouse from Equinox!

Dennis actually has trained me, and I LOVE his training style. I’ve seen him with various clients who have diverse body shapes and sizes — both women and men.

He also trains himself and gets a different body composition based on the season and what he wants for himself.

In my interview with Dennis, we talked about the difference between men’s and women’s goals. I specialize in helping women make changes to their body that last, and get that sleek and toned look. Men typically want a different physique, and typically have a different approach to their weight loss and fitness goals.

How are men’s fitness goals different from women’s fitness goals? How can you reach your fitness goals, and what do women need to do to lose weight differently than how men need to lose weight?

Watch how Dennis Rittenhouse from Equinox shows Stephanie how he adjusts his personal training workouts for men compared to women!

What are your workout goals? Tell me in the comments below.


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