Weight Loss Workouts for Women: 60 Seconds to Toned Calves

Check out these calf exercises for stronger calves and more defined calves, as demonstrated by weight loss coach for women, Stephanie Mansour and Fox Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski.

When I teach weight loss workouts for women, I always tell my private clients that it’s important to exercise all parts of the body, and the calves are no exception.

Calves are the muscles that are located in the back portion of our lower legs. We strengthen them through cardio exercise such as running, swimming and biking. They aid us in supplying power to do those activities efficiently.

The women I work with love to have toned calves. The stronger our calves are, the easier it will be to do cardio workouts, strength train,  feel confident, and look great in heels.

Watch the video to see these calf-boosting exercises. Here’s how to get defined calves:

First, do tippy toes exercises. Then, the next step to getting defined calves is to find steps and do tippy toes exercises on the stairs. Finally, here’s how to get really defined calves: squat while you are on your tippy toe.

These calf-defining exercises really work, and as Chicago’s best fitness coach for women, Steph helps you get lean and strong muscles because most women do not want to get bulky and big muscles!

Stephanie Mansour is a corporate wellness speaker and a health and fitness expert in Chicago. She’s also health and fitness on-air correspondent and coaches women in Chicago on how to lose weight fast and maintain weight loss.

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