Weight Loss Workouts for Women: Ab Workout on Stairs

Chicago fitness coach & health coach Stephanie Mansour teams up with Jenny Milk to demonstrate one of her weight loss workouts for women–an ab workout you can do anywhere, even on the streets of Chicago!

When working with my private weight loss coaching clients, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to fit in a workout wherever we go. When the weather’s nice, I love to encourage them to take it outside.

During the warm months here in Chicago, nothing beats being near the water. I bet your town has an area where you like to get active in beautiful surroundings too. If you can’t think of one, it’s time to do some exploring.

Every so often, skip the gym to take advantage of the weather. And while you’re out for a run, mix in a good ab workout.

In this video, we include ab moves for when you’re sitting on your butt, a plank with a knee in to elbow maneuver using the stairs as your assistance, as well as a basic crunch (as a modification).


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