Weight Loss Workouts for Women: Eliminate Muffin Top

Chicago weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour teams up with Jenny Milk to demonstrate a workout for the obliques and abs that helps eliminate the muffin top.

The best weight loss workouts for women include exercises that isolate and work particular muscles.

Holding onto excess weight around the middle is unhealthy, because it usually indicates that you have fat around major organs.

As a weight loss coach, my clients often complain that extra pudginess around the midsection, sides and back can also make your clothes uncomfortable and negatively impact your confidence.

When you want to fit comfortably into your favorite jeans, dress, or bikini, getting rid of what’s commonly called a “muffin top” can be challenging. You will have to do cardio and modify your eating to lose excess fat, but toning exercises can help you slim down and tighten up problem areas.

Check out one of the best weight loss workouts for women — the muffin top workout.

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