Weight Loss Workouts for Women: Quick Arm Workout Routine

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Weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour shows Fox Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski one of her best weight loss workouts for women.

Have you been feeling self-conscious in tank tops or sleeveless dresses this Summer?

Are you sick of the jiggle?

I hear this complaint from my clients a lot in the Summer. Since we’re more exposed, there are more areas to critique and feel self-conscious about.

My workout DVD has a full 5 minute workout routine dedicated to trimming and toning the arms, and I’m sharing a few of those exercises in my latest video with Fox Chicago’s traffic reporter in this video below:


One of the biggest mistakes I see women making when it comes to arm definition is lifting too heavy of weights. For example, even though I am pretty strong, I still do NOT lift more than 5 lbs dumbbells! I build muscle quickly and if I add on more than 5 lbs, I start to get bulky.

Even for my clients who don’t bulk that easily, I recommend doing lesser weights and higher repetitions. This is going to get you that sleek and toned look, minus the jiggle and bulk.

Another tip that I give to my clients is about how to pose in pictures. Do you ever see a picture of yourself and think that its an unflattering angle or that you look large compared to others?

Well, there ARE certain poses and angles that can make even the thinnest woman look heavy. In my work on-camera, I’ve learned how to pose and stand to avoid these unflattering positions.

Make sure that when you’re standing in a picture, you have a little bit of space between your body and your arms. You may see me putting my hand on my hip, which creates a lot of space between my waist and my arms.

You don’t have to do a large move like that, but you can just open the elbow up a little bit away from your side to create the illusion that your waist is smaller instead of smashing your arm into your waist.

flattering pose for smaller waist

Similarly, stand straight in photos but pop a knee out. Bend a knee so that there’s some depth to your body and so that your legs aren’t squished together.

slimming pose for women

Questions? Let me know!

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