Why Type A Women Often Struggle With Weight Loss Programs

Chicago weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour shares her insights on why Type A people often struggle with weight loss programs for CNN.com.

why type a women often struggle with weight loss programs

Women with Type A personalities tend to be very competitive and driven. On the upside, their ambition and determination often fuel their success. Having a go-getter attitude helps them reach big career and life goals. They tend to be movers and shakers — executives, entrepreneurs, committee leaders, and moms who run their households like a tight ship. They like to get things done and make things happen.

But on the flip side of the coin, their tendency to strive towards goals, check off accomplishments, and get it all done can cause high levels of anxiety and frustration. They may struggle with a constant sense of urgency and impatience. Type A women are often overachievers, perfectionists, and workaholics who expect nothing but the best from themselves and others, which can cause an excess of stress.

So their Type A tendencies work both for them and against them.

But what does this have to do with my work as a weight loss coach?

Many of the clients I work with privately in my weight loss programs for women are Type A people. They have been able to achieve success in their career and other areas of life because they were driven and focused and did whatever it took to make it. But when it comes to their weight, they struggle. It’s frustrating for them because no matter how hard they try, they either can’t lose stubborn weight or they can’t maintain their weight loss.

But here’s the thing. Your body is not on your schedule. It has its own rhythm. It doesn’t respond to your deadlines. You can’t always control it or make things happen on your timeline. Following a diet and exercise plan to a T and checking off a to-do list could be a waste of time. And if you do try to push it, your body will sometimes push back.

In a recent article for CNN, I wrote about Why Type A People Often Struggle With Weight Loss Programs. You can read it here.

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