Why You Need Vitamin B-12 and How to Get It As Seen on Fox Chicago

If you’re low on energy in the cold winter months, low Vitamin B-12 in your system may be to blame! Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour has some simple foods you can integrate into your diet to boost your energy.

We need Vitamin B-12 because a lack of it can be a source of having low energy and it can also be caused by high stress. You may have heard of Vitamin B-12 before in the form of a supplement, a shot, or even drops, but we are going to give you ways to boost your Vitamin B-12 naturally and right from food sources!

7 Ways to Get More Vitamin B-12:

1. Eat more animal products (chicken, beef, fish) OR B-12 fortified plant-based foods, such as cereals with grains.
2. Take a supplement or get a shot. These ways are alternatives for the foods. If your blood work shows that you are significantly low in Vitamin B-12, this can be a faster way to increase it.
3. Fish is loaded with B-12. In particular, sardines and salmon are great choices. If you’re not a big fish eater, I always recommend marinating the fish first. Wild Garden has multiple different packaged marinades to make it easy and quick to get your meal started. I love the Persian Marinade because it has a blend of garlic, fennel, spices, and herbs! If you don’t like the taste of fish, this is a great way to mask the fishy flavor and load up on your B-12! Another option for adding some healthy flavor that I love is Slawsa. It’s a slaw and salsa that adds delicious flavors to your B-12 proteins!
4. Eggs are another great source for Vitamin B, especially the yolk. Hard boiled eggs are great to grab for breakfast when you’re running out the door in the morning.
5. Swiss cheese is the best type of cheese for getting Vitamin B. Have it with hummus and crackers, or add it to your eggs for breakfast.
6. Mussels are great sources of B-12 as well, and they’re popular and easy to get if you’re out having dinner with friends.
7. Clams are another seafood option that are filled with Vitamin B-12!

Once you start consistently increasing your daily intake of Vitamin B-12, it will take your body a few weeks to start feeling the effects, and feel more energized. Make sure you check in with your doctor to find out how much B-12 you should actually be consuming to have your levels where they should be!

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