Work Out From Your Couch With These Four Moves (As Seen on The Doctors)

Fitness expert and women’s weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour dropped in to show the cast of The Doctors how to sneak a workout into your couch potato time! Some days you may be tempted to skip the gym and veg out on your comfy couch instead, well with these moves you can have it both ways!

We’re well into the autumn season now, so it’s understandable that some days you’d rather snuggle into your couch rather than change clothes to leave the house. The struggle is real, but now you don’t have to  kiss all your weight loss goals goodbye.

In the video, I’ll go over some exercises you can do at home in whatever you happen to be wearing at the time. Whether you’re in jeans or cozy pajamas, you can do this workout during commercial breaks, no equipment necessary and you won’t even break a sweat!

Light a fire in that core

Who doesn’t love a good ab workout? Move your body until you’re sitting on the edge of the couch. Pull your abs in tight. If you aren’t sure how to do that, here’s a cue I give all my private weight loss clients. Imagine someone is about to punch you in the stomach! Feel that? That’s the pull we want here!

Now we’re going to move into a V-sit so lift those feet off the floor. If this is already difficult with knees bent you can stop there. Otherwise we’re going to straighten the legs out and up, so your body makes the letter V. You can hold your arms out to the sides of your legs or even hold onto your legs. Hold. Aim for 30 seconds!

Get your toes tappin’

If your legs are extended, bend them back in. We’re still working our abs here, so keep the muscles pulled in tight (think gut punch!). From here we’re going to lower one leg down, lightly tap the floor, bring it back up and lower the other leg down to touch. Repeat, remembering not to arch your back. These will burn, so do as many as you can before moving on to the next exercise.

You gotta stand up to squat down!

Yes, I know, technically you have to get off the couch for this one, but it will be so worth it! Using the couch as a bench, squat down until your butt make contact then stand right back up. Squeeze the glutes HARD at the top of the movement. Don’t rest when you sit back on the couch, just barely tap it and keep moving!

To step this squat up, try it out on a single-leg! Aim for at least ten full, or five each one-legged.

Lying down without resting up

Final move time. You can get back on the couch now, lie down on your side, prop that head in your hand, but don’t get too relaxed! We aren’t done yet! Move your legs a little bit forward, abs in tight, and lift your top leg. Now draw little circles with the foot, about ten times then reverse your circle and do ten more before switching up legs!

Repeat the entire four move circuit every time a commercial is on.

Boom. Full-body workout. Give yourself a pat on the back!

And who knows? Maybe that little bit got you warmed up, motivated and ready to go to the gym and move more!

As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.


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