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How to Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus

Fitness Plateau Busters

Chicago weight loss coach, Stephanie Mansour, sat down with Sylvia Perez at the Fox 32 Chicago Studio to provide tips on what to do when you hit a fitness or weight loss plateau and how to break through it.

Few things can be more frustrating along your weight loss journey than hitting a plateau. You’re moving along, making progress, hitting your goals, feeling confident, and then– bam! Your progress suddenly comes to a complete stop and the scale may even start to creep back up again.

Congratulations, you’ve hit a weight loss plateau! The reason I’m congratulating you is that hitting a plateau simply means you’re human and perfectly normal. And the good news is, it also means you have already made significant progress. You’ve been doing something right and now you are getting closer to your goal. Way to go!

The bad news is, hitting a plateau along your weight loss journey can be discouraging. In many cases, this is the point at which many people give up.

As a weight loss coach for women, one of the most challenging parts of my job is helping women gain the confidence necessary to push through their plateau — reassuring them that it isn’t happening because they are doing something wrong, encouraging them to keep making healthy choices, and guiding them through how to tweak their program.

The truth is, you have to switch up what you’re doing. When your body gets used to one way of eating or one way of working out, it’s not going to keep responding the same way. So it’s important to change things up as you go.

Most importantly, to break through each plateau, you’ll have to get into the right mindset — change your thinking to break through what’s really holding you back.

I recently stopped by the Fox 32 Chicago studio to sit down with Sylvia Perez and share advice on what to do when you hit a fitness or weight loss plateau and how to break through it. Watch the video below and let me know what you think.

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Counter Intuitive Ways to Burn More Calories As Seen on Fox 5 Good Day New York

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here to tell us some counter intuitive strategies that will help us have more effective workouts! She visited Good Day New York to give her tips:

1. Procrastinate your workout & put yourself on a time crunch.
If you only have 30 minutes to work out, GREAT! Cram it in and move quickly.

2. SKIP the water breaks. Instead, do quick cardio in place.
Step It Up and do running & NFL Shuffle in place

3. SKIP increasing your weights. Use lesser lbs – even if it’s the same weight you’ve been using for years! Instead, do more reps.
Step It Up and use light weights with arm exercises and more repetitions.

4. SKIP extra cardio. Instead, do cardio bursts for a shorter amount of time.
Step It Up and do slow cardio then fast cardio, alternating every 10 seconds.

5. SKIP moving from exercise to exercise. Instead, stay in the same position & do double the moves in the same amount of time.
Step It Up and do a complex exercise: Lunge & overhead press (with weights)

Finally, remember to focus on boosting your confidence while you’re working out!

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Healthy Meal Prep For Weight Loss As Seen on CBS Chicago

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour breaks down how to grocery shop and plan out your meals without needing to hire a nutritionist:

Are you struggling with eating healthy foods consistently? Worried that meal prep takes too much time? In the beginner’s guide to meal planning as seen on CBS Chicago, I focused on a few basic tips to leave you feeling like meal prep is manageable, efficient, and something that you can integrate into your everyday life!

1. Focus on eating a protein + at least 1 fruit or veggie per meal, and account for 1-2 snacks per day. Getting in the mindset of this simplistic system is the first step because it sets the tone for your grocery list and your eating schedule!

2. Look at your calendar and plan how many meals you’ll need to make. Do you go out to eat a lot? Do you have a lot of work dinners? How can you stick to a healthy eating plan when you’re eating out a lot? I break it all down for you by checking in with your calendar at the beginning of each week. Write out the meals you’ll be eating out. Then, you can move on to the next step…

3. Make a shopping list. Based on how many meals you’ll be making for yourself, you’ll then be able to see how many breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks you’ll need to grocery shop for.

4. Plan meals that you can make in a batch form. I love making the egg kale bake from my Recipe Book. There are 6 breakfasts that you can make and store very easily out of just one pan!

5. Buy fresh produce & proteins, but have staples in your pantry. I love buying pre-made foods that are healthy, like the rice and lentil pilafs from Wild Garden. Their pilafs include ingredients that you can pronounce which is key when you’re buying pre-made foods. It’s important to check the food labels, and these pilafs taste delicious (while including protein!)

6. Finally, try to use pre-portioned containers to store food. This way you’ll take the guesswork out of how much one serving is AND you’ll already have build-in portion control.

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What 200 Calories of Halloween Candy Looks Like and How to Burn 200 Calories As Seen on WGN

Worried about overindulging in Halloween candy? Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to share with us what we’d need to do to burn off 200 calories worth of candy!

Remember, making healthy eating choices should be because you value your body and you want to put good things into yourself.

Working out is separate – it’s also good for your body. But hopefully this will make you think twice before you eat your candy. And remember, eating protein every few hours will help stave off sugar cravings!

35 minutes of Zumba or dancing to your favorite song
Watch your favorite TV show at the gym on the bike for 30 minutes.

60 minutes of light weight lifting (can show with dumbbells) and body weight strength training

Squats for about 15 minutes straight – using your legs which are the biggest muscle groups so burn more calories faster as opposed to working the arms or upper body.
Push ups at a moderate pace for 40 minutes straight

20 minutes of high intensity interval training: mixing cardio + weights – can show this or also have clip from my workout DVD showing this

The great thing about this is that you’ll burn calories even after you work out, even when you’re sleeping, as opposed to cardio which only burns calories while you’re doing it.

About 30 minutes of Vinyasa yoga
40 minutes raking leaves

2 hours of clothes shopping – carrying, walking around

Buy groceries for 45 minutes, carry bags up stairs for 5, and put away for 15 minutes.

If you want more tips on how you can lose weight and keep it off, make sure you join my FREE 21 day challenge at stepitupchallenge.com.