30 Days to Love Your Body & Your Life – now with videos!


Welcome to a whole new way of seeing your body…

Through my “30 Days To Love Your Body & Your Life” workbook, you’ll learn, day by day, to increase your confidence, improve your body image, and re-gain control over your life. You’ll learn exactly what thoughts and beliefs have been holding you back from having a body and a life that you not only love, but that you’re in love with.

Do you wish you could just happily put on your clothes before going out to dinner, and LIKE the way you look?

Are you tired of beating yourself up for eating an extra dessert or deciding not to work out and go out with friends instead?

Or do you wish you could get rid of the anxiety, negativity, or frustration you have with your thoughts and how you view yourself?

This comprehensive workbook will encourage you to dig DEEP and figure out what’s holding you back from following that workout plan or healthy eating plan and what’s going on IN YOUR HEAD that’s sabotaging your efforts.

Here is what’s included in this Workbook + videos, as an instant download:
  • 30 daily mental exercises and videos to change your beliefs about yourself and your body.
  • Step by step video explanations and guidance through each exercise.
  • Easy to follow instructions and tactics to integrate into your daily life.
  • Complete analysis of how you think and feel about your body.
  • Exercises to create your own personal mantra and mission statement to repeat to yourself daily.
  • Reprogramming of your subconscious to quit sabotaging yourself.
  • How to start loving your body – all of it – and how to teach others to respect you.
Here’s What Else You’ll Learn in this Great Health & Fitness Workbook:
  • How your past experiences with family, friends, and others have influenced how you feel about your body.
  • Whether your self-talk is holding you back from the body you want, and if so, how to change this.
  • Who’s supporting you in a positive body image, and who (maybe surprisingly) is not.
  • How your relationship with food is affecting your weight, and what to do to change this.
  • How to regain control of your body, mind, and life, and feel confidence radiating from the inside.

“I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your workbook. I cannot stop recommending it to people. It really helped me uncover some deeper things in my life and it has helped me to start working through them. Thank you for that!” – Kate

Sally Shields Testimonial“Stephanie’s workbook is like accountability partner, personal trainer and best girlfriend all wrapped into one! Her daily nuggets of wisdom and encouragement are put together in bite sized pieces so that it is not only rewarding to follow, but also very motivating! Laid out into a 30 day program, the written exercises help to re-frame how you feel about yourself. You remember who is important here and who you are getting healthy and in shape for – YOU! Don’t let her sweetness fool you – although Stephanie is caring, gentle, supportive, kind and loving, she is also focused, knowledgeable and as committed to your success as any personal trainer to the stars! Step in Up with Steph is the first step to creating a new habit, a new you. What better time to start creating new and healthy habits then now? I LOVE this workbook and if I had to rate it, it would get 11 stars out of 10. —Sally Shields, speaker, radio personality, publicity specialist and author of the #1 bestseller, Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined?”

“I absolutely love it!
I already know that this book will be my mantra for 2012!”
– Anna

Gina Testimonial“Steph”s workbook really helped me put my feelings about my body and weight into words. Once I re-read what I had written in the workbook, I was able to get a better picture of what I needed to work on, and my personal goals became much more visible and achievable! This workbook is a great organized way to stay on track!!” – Gina

“Steph”s workbook inspired me so much to really love who I am, that I went out and bought myself a gym membership. I had a million reasons why I shouldn”t get or couldn”t afford a gym membership. I realized that the only barrier preventing me from getting a gym membership was myself. Last Friday I went to my favorite gym and signed up for a gym membership. I am so excited and proud to have given myself this gift! I even have my first training session tonight!!”– Maria

lisaI feel so aligned with your work. I chuckled when I got to page two. I used the opportunity of the exercise to truly find words that “felt” totally positive and WOW, the possibilities that I felt were on a whole new level. And this is only day one! I am looking forward to the next 29 days.– Lisa

Join hundreds of women who are already on their way to Stepping It Up, mentally and physically, through this 30 Day Workbook.



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