Private Coaching

Let Steph Help YOU Reach YOUR Goals!

10-Week Accountability Coaching Program

Are looking for more one-on-one support, coaching, and accountability?

Accountability Coaching includes:
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions with Mackenzie, Steph’s Accountability Coach (5 total calls)
  • Email summaries with action plans sent out after each coaching session
  • Weekly check-ins with your Accountability Coach and Steph’s team checking in with you via email or text (you decide)
I am thrilled to offer you accountability coaching with my very own coach and right-hand coaching program mastermind, Mackenzie! Mackenzie has been working with me for years. She has helped me develop every single group coaching program, brainstorm content ideas, work (and re-work) the meal plans, workouts, mindset tips, mindframe strategies, emotional eating modules, you name it and Mackenzie has been ON it with me! She knows our materials, recommendations, and yes, even our group coaching members’ log in activity like the back of her hand.
Mackenzie keeps me up to speed on everyone, including the clients she’s coaching. In fact, during my wedding prep and honeymoon, she took over some sessions with my top private clients. Oh, and I even flew Mackenzie in for my wedding so she could be my right-hand woman in person, too. She knows me so well, knows our Step It Up with Steph philosophies and principles, and delivers top notch service to the clients she has helped me with.
Any questions? Email Mackenzie at [email protected]

12 Week Weight Loss Coaching

Our signature Private Coaching Program for individual coaching with Steph and her team is
designed to help you lose weight fast and make it last. It takes 12 weeks to form a habit, and this
program is for women who are committed and ready to hit the ground running for a major
Start off by filling out an extensive intake form. Then, work with Steph privately to devise your
specific program implanted by you and Steph’s team, holding your hand every step along the
Program includes:
  • 90 minute initial kickoff one-on-one jumpstart session with Steph
  • 12 weeks of weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with Steph’s Accountability Coach
  • Email summaries with action plans sent out each week after the coaching session
  • Daily access to the Accountability Coach and Steph’s team checking in with you via email or text (you decide)
  • Unlimited support 24/7
  • Private appointment with Doctor of Naturopathy
  • Fully customized doctor-approved eating plan
  • Complete workout plan customized for your specific needs 
  • Relaxation routines & personalized stress reduction techniques to help reduce cortisol, improve sleep, and boost energy

Private Coaching

Are you looking to jump-start your weight loss journey? Look no further!

Steph’s private weight coaching services are designed to help you reach your weight loss goals and make lasting lifestyle changes. Steph will closely with you to develop a custom plan tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.

With her help, you will have access to the latest tips and strategies to help you reach your goals. One-on-one sessions will provide you with the support and motivation you need to feel empowered and successful.

Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards a healthier and happier your today!

Currently, Steph is operating by waitlist only. Please join the waitlist below; we will reach out as soon as a spot becomes available!

Investment starts at $9500


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