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YES! All of my programs focus on reducing inflammation, stabilizing and regulating blood sugar levels, and reducing cravings!

My plans are all DIY (do it yourself)  so you can make all of the choices! Do the exercises YOU like best, or the ones you think you can stick with. If you only want to walk, or want to swim, you can! While I give you guidance and suggestions, there are always multiple suggestions so that you can choose what is best for you.

NO! The best part about my programs is that they are all made to be done at your own pace to best fit your lifestyle! I don’t want you to have to change your life around to do my programs and transform your life. I want this to be a part of your everyday life so that weight loss is sustainable long-term. If you can’t stick to the plan for a week or two, it’s no problem! You can just pick up where you left off. I often tell clients that the best time to join is when they know they’ll have other things going on, like travel or vacations or other commitments. This gives you a taste of implementing the program in real time in your real life!

The Weight Loss Program is a step by step guide to losing weight that addresses my 4 pillars of health: physical, nutritional, spiritual, and emotional. Without addressing the emotional and spiritual side of things, it’s hard to foster self-commitment, resiliency, and a “picking yourself up when you’re down or mess up” mentality. So the weight loss program focuses on all four pillars just like I do with my private weight loss clients. The Nutrition Program was created after members of the weight loss program requested more specific nutrition advice and information on supplements! The Nutrition Program includes more in-depth meal plans, meal calendars, specific recipes, and more in-depth information with our Doctors of Naturopathy regarding supplements and what they are good for. We’ve had many ladies who have done BOTH programs. If you’re looking for one place to start, I would recommend starting with the weight loss program first, but that’s not mandatory!


NO! You can still join our programs even after they have started. The only part of the program that is on a schedule is the bonus coaching calls, and they are not mandatory to be in the program. The rest of the program can be done at your own pace! Truthfully, when we first launched these programs, I offered two bonus coaching calls as freebies. The cost of the programs is literally the cost for the program without the calls. However, as time went on I became more obsessed with all of you ladies and wanted to touch base with you in my programs more frequently…hence, more bonus coaching calls! However, you do NOT need to utilize these in order to get your money’s worth or be successful!


YES! It doesn’t matter what diet you follow (vegetarian, pescatarian, Kosher, lactose-free, diabetic, etc) my plan will work for you because all choices are up to you! My plans focus on ADDING to your diet, not taking away, and there is NO calorie counting! I will help guide you on what kinds of food to eat, or what choices to make, but ultimately all decisions are up to you. You are not forced to eat meat or foods that you don’t like.

NO! You can grocery shop as you usually would. Buy foods from normal places. While some programs offer information on supplements, you do not need to purchase any in order to be successful in the programs. They’re simply meant to be educational and optional.

I’ve worked with thousands of women over the last 15 years – and I always say that even if you do a program 75%, it’ll work! We are only going for a passing grade; not perfection!


NO! At this time, the app and the programs are different programs that are not related to one another! You do not need the app to participate in the program, and signing up for the program does not give you access to the app. They are separate programs.

The Step It Up With Steph app is free to download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app offers a free 7 day trial, then after that it requires a paid subscription.

Scan this code with your phone or search for “Step It Up With Steph” in your app store!

The app is an all in one resource that offers daily challenges, daily quotes, motivational videos, exercise videos, and recipes. The app includes information on a variety of subjects while the Step It Up with Steph programs only deal with the subject of the program. The programs are also step by step courses unlike the app which allows the user to choose what the next step is!

Group Calls

All of the calls in the programs are on Tuesdays at 5 pm CST. You can find a list of the call dates inside the Welcome module after you register for the program.

We have women from all over the world in my programs, so I understand that the call times aren’t for everyone! All of my calls are recorded and uploaded to the course website the next day so you can hear everyone’s questions and stories. If you have a question but can’t attend the call, just email customer service and your question will be answered during the next call!

NO! You don’t have to participate in the calls and you can keep your camera and mic off if it makes you feel more comfortable! The calls are NOT mandatory to be in the program so you can choose to skip them altogether, join us live, or watch the recordings if you prefer.

General Inquiry

Please email [email protected] and customer service will be able to help you!

Customer service can reset your password for you, so please email [email protected] to help you get into your account!

We have a strict no refund policy. All of our products are delivered instantly upon purchase.

As a personal trainer and coach, I am strongly against refunds because it essentially allows you to back out of your commitment to yourself and uncommit. By signing up for the program, you made a commitment to yourself, and if I offer an easy way out of your decision, then I feel like I am not doing my best as your coach.  I want everyone to be happy, but I also want to hold everyone accountable to their promises to themselves. My team and I are here for you throughout your journey! 


This is why I created my group programs! My group programs offer you a chance to work with a real personal trainer for a fraction of the cost. 

No – All of my products are digital.

Sometimes the Today Show needs viewers to join us for segments! When these opportunities arise, I always announce them on my Facebook page “Stephanie Mansour” and in the “Start Today” Facebook group page. To appear on the Today Show with me, you need to be able to get to NYC on your own for the early morning of the segments.

Thinkific is the website that all of our programs are on. Everything for each program lives inside of the Thinkific website. 



“With this program I feel structure. Accountability! I feel more motivated. I’ve seen my body changing, getting my curves back! It’s awesome. I think you sooo much Stephanie. I don’t have enough words to thank you. You are awesome!”
“Had a sweet non scale victory today. Bought a dress a few years back for New Years. I had a plan to lose weight to wear it. Did not happen!! Tried it on today and it went on without even unzipping the side zipper! It is a size 12!!! Last year I was in a 16. I know what I am wearing for New Years Eve!!”

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