About Steph

About Steph

Successful in your professional life but feel like a failure with your health & weight loss?

There’s nothing too weird or too quirky that Steph won’t try to jumpstart your weight loss and change your life. Not enough time? Not enough knowledge? No control or willpower? No problem! Stick with Steph and get ready to Step It Up no matter what your current situation is.

Stephanie Mansour is a nationally recognized Health & Fitness Expert and host of “Step It Up with Steph” on American Public Television. You can see her health, fitness, food, and lifestyle TV show on PBS stations across the country! Steph is also seen on Today Show, Dr. Oz, CNN, FOX New York, ABC Chicago, Fox LA, WGN, Fox Chicago, CBS Chicago, NBC Chicago, PBS, Yahoo, Sirius XM, Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Business. In Chicago, her column “Exercise Well with Stephanie Mansour” in the Chicago Sun Times can be seen in the paper & online every week. Steph reaches more than 52 million viewers per month.

For the past decade, Stephanie has been helping millions of people “Step It Up,” every day in their lives with weight loss tips, lifestyle hacks, and fitness secrets to up their game. Steph coaches you on how to be the rockstar of your own health that you always knew you could be. She gets real and fast results, and provides easy tips and tricks that work no matter how busy you are. She’ll help you finally rid yourself of the weight – both emotionally and physically – to get the life you want. In fact, she coached one reality TV star to lose almost 90 lbs in 3 months!

Steph helps you beat your cravings, regain control, and teaches you how your body and brain hold all the clues to reaching your goals. It’s never too late to start, and she focuses on everything from diet hacks to getting real with your relationship with food to debunking weight loss myths.

Steph knows the struggles of women and their weight and insecurities all too well. She used to be an overweight, overwhelmed, stressed out and anxious insomniac. Her first success story was her own. She lost the weight and gained the tools to keep it off first hand.

Stephanie holds her BA in Communications with an emphasis on Women’s Studies & Psychology from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), her personal training, yoga, and Pilates certifications, as well as her professional life coaching certification. Prior to starting Step It Up with Steph in 2008, she worked for Oprah’s XM Radio show host Marianne Williamson, the Dr. Phil show, Lifetime TV, and WNET PBS.

For speaking engagements, brand partnerships, TV appearances, and client inquiries, please email info@stepitupwithsteph.com 


“Steph’s approach to fitness in fun & creative! Her vision & professionalism make her a dream to work with.” – Jen Anastasi, TV Producer / Writer


“Stephanie is so personable & relatable to TV viewers. She is highly inspirational & a pleasure to work with!” – Maureen Feltz, TV Producer
Producers Praise

“Stephanie brings energy, pep and great advice with a one-of-a-kind delivery that makes her segments stand out” – Lindsay, TV News Anchor