Mindset, Nutrition & Weight Loss

Group Program

Master healthy habits, lose weight, gain self-confidence, and defy age, hormones,
and stressors to get long-lasting health results!

Program Description

Get connected with yourself and other like-minded women as we create lasting habits in this specialized group for Mindset, Nutrition & Weight Loss program starting February 13th! Weight loss, nutrition, workout plans, eating plans, our guest nutritionist with “foods for your moods”, how to conquer emotional eating, how to prioritize yourself no matter how little time you have, and hormonal weight loss strategies will be covered in this program!

We will also have bi-weekly group coaching sessions that are recorded for you to watch and listen to afterward!

In this next program, you can count on:

  • A roadmap to create SMART goals + habits that you’re excited to engage in
  • An eating plan and workout plan to follow with flexibility
  • Plateau busters to get you out of a workout rut, re-motivate you, and get you on track after some time off
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions for 10 weeks
  • A vision-board session where we will make boards together
  • Guest expert (back by popular demand!) to help you eat the right foods for your moods
  • How to use emotional eating/stress to your advantage and have it help you do weight loss the right way!
  • Systems and strategies you can use again and again – once you get goal setting and habit formation down, you can rinse and repeat!

Please note: Because the product is delivered digitally upon purchase, we cannot allow refunds. This product comes with lifetime access so you can reuse it as much as you would like. 

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