Activate Your Core: Double Plank Partner Workout with Jenny Milkowksi

Ready to step up your core workout? Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour teams up with TV Personality Jenny Milkowski to bring you a challenging double plank partner workout.

If you can do a plank on your own on the floor for a minute, try taking your core workout to the next level. This double plank is intense and so amazing for building strong abs, strong back muscles, and strong shoulders and wrists. You can’t go wrong with this fun and challenging partner workout.

Watch the video to learn the technique then grab your bestie for a fun fitness challenge. I’m always coaching my clients in my private weight loss programs for women to rethink health and fitness to make it more fun.

The best way to lose weight and make it last is to switch up your workouts and find creative ways to challenge yourself and keep healthy habits at the front of your mind all day long.

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