Best Meditation Apps As Featured on Today Show

Have you tried to meditate but find it really challenging? Are you looking for an easy way to meditate? Or, are you looking for meditations for weight loss? My latest article for the Today Show highlights the different aspects of the most popular meditation apps. And, if you’re looking for me to walk you through some Step It Up with Steph meditations, check out all of my video meditations for the Today Show here.

Are you looking for ways to meditate in Chicago? If you can’t make it to a Chicago meditation studio, or to a yoga class in Chicago, try out these meditation apps! And, no matter where you live in the country, these meditation apps are available to be downloaded right to your phone. I have personally used all of these meditation apps, and as a women’s health and fitness expert and a women’s weight loss coach, I inspect everything before I recommend things. I really liked these meditation apps to use throughout the day and also as a nighttime meditation and a morning meditation.

For my weight loss clients, I suggest meditating at least once a day with a meditation app. It’s important to feel connected to yourself (to your mind, body, and spirit) because this will help you to relax and unwind. When we are stressed, we’re more receptive to storing fat around the mid-section. As a weight loss coach for women, it’s my goal to help women feel more in charge and in control of their choices, bodies, and weight.

Stephanie Mansour is a women’s weight loss coach and the best health and fitness expert in Chicago. She’s a contributor for the Today Show and is a health and fitness expert on TV. She’s also a women’s weight loss expert. As a women’s weight loss coach, she helps women lose weight fast and make it last. She’s also a confidence coach and her wellness programs in Chicago are for women everywhere!

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