How to Do a Complex Exercise and Best Workout for Biceps and Legs (Partner Workout)

I teamed up with my favorite workout partner again, Jenny Milkowski, to demonstrate a complex exercise you can do at home! My private weight loss clients love their body to be strong, sleek, and toned. This leg and arm exercise helps strengthen the lower body and upper body at the same time. As a private […]

The Best Fitness Gifts for Father’s Day 2018 (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Looking for the best fitness gifts for Father’s Day? If you’re shopping for Father’s Day fitness gifts, look no further! As a Health and Fitness expert and Weight Loss Coach, I stopped by ABC Chicago to show you my favorite workout and gym gifts for men!   1. Sneaky Gift to Get Dad Fit this […]

Fun Partner Workout & Best Exercise For Toned Legs (Side Lunge)

I’m back with my fitness partner Jenny Milkowski! My private weight loss clients love strong, sleek, and toned thighs. This leg exercise helps strengthen the glutes, too! To do this side lunge, start with your feet together. Then, step out with your left foot to the left, and bend the left knee. Keep the right […]

5 Ways to Beat Summer Sugar Cravings (As Seen On ABC Chicago)

When you’re surrounded by summer treats at BBQs, outdoor happy hours, and on vacation, your sweet tooth may rear its ugly head! But have no fear because as a Health & Weight Loss Expert I stopped by ABC Chicago to talk about five ways to beat summer sugar cravings. How can you have a good […]

6 Amazing Weight Loss Articles & Celebrity Workouts (Featured on Today Show and Self)

As a private weight loss coach for women in Chicago and across the country, I contribute as a health and fitness expert for the Today Show and many other online publications. I love helping women everywhere to lose weight, to stick to their health program, and to find foods and workouts that they love! Check […]

4 Healthy Tricks to Beat the Midday Slump (As Seen on Fox Chicago)

Looking for a midday pick-me-up? As a Health & Wellness Expert, Fox Chicago brought me in to show off some great workout moves you can do at your desk, and how to boost your mood and energy with scented essential oils. What exactly is a midday slump? Based on our circadian rhythm, the afternoon is […]

Celebrities’ Best Workouts for Weight Loss & Toning and Fitness Coach Tips to Get Fit On a Budget

As a weight loss coach for women, I frequently get interviewed by health websites and wellness journalists. I’m sharing with you some of the most recent articles I’ve been featured in to help you lose weight, try out new workouts, train like the celebs, and get fit on a budget! Pink’s Equipment-Free Glute Workout Looking […]

The Best Walking Shoes for Women for a Walking Workout (As Seen on

As a private weight loss coach for women and as a wellness coach, I always encourage my clients to walk more! If you’re ready to walk your way to weight loss, it’s important to wear very supportive walking shoes that’ll keep your body injury-free. Check out my latest article for The Today Show where I […]

Stephanie Mansour at The Today Show studio

Healthy Ballpark Snack Hacks for Weight Loss (As Seen on The Jam)

Baseball season is here! How can you stay healthy when there are social outings and game-watching events? Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to revamp our ballpark favorites so that we save on fat, calories, and sodium! As a private weight loss coach for women, I deal with real women who have real […]

Steph Mansour and Jordan Cornette Step it Up with Healthy Ballpark Snacks

How to Feel Less Self-Conscious at the Gym & Maintain Your Workouts (As Seen on Fox Chicago)

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to working out at the gym, and the thought of stepping foot inside gives you anxiety, have no fear! As a Health & Fitness Expert, I stopped by Fox Chicago to provide ways to feel less self-conscious and how to maintain motivation for working out. […]