Healthy Ballpark Snack Hacks for Weight Loss (As Seen on The Jam)

Baseball season is here! How can you stay healthy when there are social outings and game-watching events? Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here to revamp our ballpark favorites so that we save on fat, calories, and sodium! As a private weight loss coach for women, I deal with real women who have real […]

Steph Mansour and Jordan Cornette Step it Up with Healthy Ballpark Snacks

How to Feel Less Self-Conscious at the Gym & Maintain Your Workouts (As Seen on Fox Chicago)

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to working out at the gym, and the thought of stepping foot inside gives you anxiety, have no fear! As a Health & Fitness Expert, I stopped by Fox Chicago to provide ways to feel less self-conscious and how to maintain motivation for working out. […]

Non-Scale Victories And The Best Products to Improve Low Back Pain & Posture (As Seen on

Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women is also a Today Show online contributor! In her latest articles, Steph talks about “non-scale victories” for women to focus on to feel more confident about their progress instead of just tracking with the scale. She also wrote an article about the best products to improve posture and […]

5 Tips to Refresh Your Commitment To Your Health & Fitness Goals (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Old habits die hard. But what can we do when we know WHAT to do, but we’re just not doing it? As a Health and Fitness Expert, I stopped by ABC Chicago to help everyone hop to it this spring and refresh their commitments to their health & fitness goals.   1. Step It Up […]

5 Simple Detox Tips and How to Detox to Lose Weight (As Seen on WCIU TV)

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here with 5 ways to detox after a weekend full of festivities. Check out the video for great detox tips Steph shared on The Jam and keep reading to learn more! 1. Sip on a Mocktail Start your day off right by drinking something green! Not into juicing […]

Steph Mansour on The Jam with 5 Ways to Detox

5 Ways to Start Training For a Race & How to Lose Weight by Running (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

With springtime comes outdoor running races and events. Get prepared by following the five training guidelines I shared with viewers! Learn how far in advance to prepare, other modalities of exercise besides running to participate in, and how to mentally get in the game. Pick Your Race Know your race date and have a goal […]

How to Go from Crappy to Happy at Work (As Seen on WGN Chicago)

It’s time to turn that frown upside down! Many of my private weight loss clients have demanding jobs in corporate America. In fact, one of my clients who lost almost 90 lbs in just 3 months was working a full time and very demanding job while she was losing weight! It is possible to stay […]

Athleisure Fashion & Workout Clothes for Every Work Out (As Seen on Fox Chicago)

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Chicago’s local Fox TV station to talk about how to get motivated to work out even when you don’t feel like it! As a private weight loss coach for women, Steph knows the importance of feeling good about yourself before even stepping foot into a gym. Check […]

How to Make Your Weight Loss Goals Happen (As Seen on

Chicago’s best weight loss coach for women is also a Today Show online contributor! In her latest article, Steph talks about three ways to make sure your New Year’s Resolutions stick. You can read the article HERE. In this article, professional life coach and wellness expert Stephanie Mansour talks about three of the things her […]

Fast Dinner Prep Hacks & Ways to Be More Efficient with Meal Prep (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour gives us shortcuts  to prep and organize meals faster for the new year!   Shop ‘Til You Drop Creating a grocery list is the first step toward smart meal prep. Look at your calendar for the upcoming week and see what events and activities you have going on during […]