2023 Fall Group Program

Fall into Your Routine: Health & Weight Loss Program


Program Description

  • Set Your Mindset & How to Outsmart Yourself – Get the tools, set the goals, and get your head in the right space to commit to your Fall routine with us!

  • Uncomplicated Meal Planning for Any Woman Anywhere – High blood pressure, auto-immune issues, hormonal imbalances, and/or always traveling?

    Follow this system to speed up your metabolism, lose weight, build muscle, and increase your energy. No more midday slump!

  • Nutrition Tips to Regulate Hormones, Bring Order to Mood Disorders & Decrease Anxiety – Ever suffer from food anxiety, low energy, sugar or carb cravings, or hormonal issues? We’ll tackle this all.

  • Trim the Fat in Your Schedule Plus 3 Fats to Add to Your Diet – FAT. UGH. But what if we’re not just talking about your body fat? We’ll give you 3 strategies for making more time for you, plus a list of fats to include in your diet for better cognitive function, blood sugar regulation, reduction in inflammation, and to de-stress.

  • When to Quit Your Workout – and What to Do Instead – Too tired, not enough time, not motivated, or just sick of your workouts? I’m giving you permission to QUIT your workout and what to do instead, plus how to know if you should quit or keep going.

  • 3 Feminine Energy Tactics to Stay on Track – You’ve got the checklists, info, plans, routines, but how can you use your softer side – your feelings and emotions – to help you stay on track?

Please note: Because the product is delivered digitally upon purchase, we cannot allow refunds. This product comes with lifetime access so you can reuse it as much as you would like. 

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