PBS - Listings by Zip CodeThe two-time Emmy-nominated program “Step It Up with Steph” is a weekly dose of health, fitness, food, and lifestyle entertainment, providing holistic solutions to everyday problems to help viewers regain control of their health and wellness.

Create TV - Listings by Zip CodeCelebrity Health and Fitness expert Stephanie Mansour, who is a regular contributor on national TV and cable programs, including the Today Show, CNN, hosts this series.



Episode 1: Weight Loss As You Age

Denene had previously been able to lose weight, but as she’s gotten older, it’s only gotten harder. A doctor of naturopathy and a celebrity fitness trainer coach Denene on how her body changes as she gets older, and advise her about the different workouts and foods she should integrate into her life. Steph also meets with a dietitian who recommends protein-packed snacks to help with weight loss and demonstrates a beneficial workout as we follow Denene’s journey through her at-home video diary.

Episode 2: Picture Perfect

Perfectionism can show up in many areas of life. For Kim, however, it has taken over her life. A therapist who specializes in perfectionism helps Kim keep the positives and ditch the negatives of trying to be perfect in every aspect of her life. Also: a dietitian provides instruction on how to make one-bowl meals, and Steph demonstrates a yoga workout that’s best done if it’s not perfect!

Episode 3: Boost Your Energy

While there can be medical conditions that contribute to fatigue, Shaya insists that medically she’s fine – she just experiences low energy all the time. Steph tackles this issue with a doctor of naturopathy and a licensed clinical therapist who specializes in life enhancement. Also in this episode, Steph demonstrates an energy-boosting workout and recommends specific foods to help fight fatigue.

Episode 4: Reinvent Yourself

In her mid-40s, Lisa was looking to reinvent herself after her divorce, and a dating and relationship coach helps Lisa date confidently and effectively. Steph also provides delicious food suggestions and a powerful workout to help Lisa get back on track with her health.

Episode 5: Dealing with Menopause

Steph brings in a gynecologist who specializes in this unique time in a woman’s life to help Christy readjust her hormone levels, reduce hot flashes, and improve weight loss. Steph also consults a dietitian about the best pre- and post-workout snacks, and demonstrates a workout to help build muscle and blast fat during this time.

Episode 6: Drive Your Career

A rough patch in Diana’s career is wreaking havoc on her self-esteem and self-care. Steph teams up with an executive coach to help Diana with her job search, and a doctor of naturopathy will help her establish healthier habits. This episode’s workout is all about improving posture to feel more confident, and Steph meets with a dietitian who shares some tasty brain-boosting foods.