Interview with Felicity Huffman and Stay Healthy & Energized with Probiotics!

Stay Healthy & Energized with Probiotics! (Interview with actress Felicity Huffman)

If the name Felicity Huffman doesn’t ring a bell, I bet “Lynette Scavo” does! That’s right. The Desperate Housewives star sat down with me for a few minutes at the Renew Life luncheon in New York to chat about how probiotics turned her health around.

As a weight loss coach, I jump at any opportunity to talk about health and fitness and get useful insights from women to share with the clients in my weight loss programs for women. Huffman stays in shape and treats her body well not only for the cameras, but to feel healthy and energized for herself and her family. You can watch our chat here:

Here are some highlights from my interview with Felicity Huffman:

Never Eat from the Craft Service Table

Not everyone has this problem! But I bet, even if you’re not in the entertainment industry and on set all the time with enticing displays of free food, you’re still tempted with free pizza and donuts in the breakroom and invited to luncheons, galas, potlucks, and other fun events that test your commitment to weight loss.

How does Felicity Huffman do it? She avoids the treats from these tables by bringing her own lunch or choosing a salad. If she can, she eats a big breakfast to help sustain her throughout the day, and if a craving is intense, she drinks tea until it passes.

Don’t Buy into This Common Probiotic Misconception

Some people think a probiotic will send them running to the bathroom and keep them there all day! Felicity says that’s not how they work at all. Probiotics are gentle on her digestive system and keep her in great health.

Always Sick and Run Down? Probiotics will help!

When Felicity was doing Desperate Housewives, and filming her new movie, and being mom to two small toddlers—life was hectic, to say the least! She was sick every two or three days and always felt run down. She tried going dairy free, sugar free, and wheat free, but none of those things completely solved the problem. Then her friend suggested a probiotic and she’s never looked back!

Probiotics boost the immune system and keep your guts healthy. She finally found the energy and vitality she wanted out of life and has maintained it to this day.

How Many Probiotics Should a Woman Take?

For Felicity, going through menopause didn’t change the number of probiotics she took. “It’s more based on my travel schedule and how hard I’m working rather than my age. I’ll take less when I’m on vacation.”

Stress plays a key role in our susceptibility to sickness, and when we’re stressed we often make poor food choices. Taking a daily probiotic helps combat stress and fatigue, keeping your body energetic and your mind clear.

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